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Dog Gone!

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Canine Advice Trilogy No. 3

Ah, my furry friends, welcome to the third and final volume of the Canine Advice Trilogy. I’m Dr. Mutt, your trusted canine therapist, here to dish out some hard truths and bark some wisdom your way. So, let’s dive in and sniff out the truth! So, my furry friends, as we come to the end of our Canine Advice Trilogy, remember to embrace your uniqueness, communicate effectively, unleash your potential, enjoy the power of sniffing, and always maintain a paw-sitive outlook on life. Stay true to yourselves, and let your tails wag freely. Until next time, keep being the best dogs you can be! Until we meet again, wag on! Dr. Mutt


¡Más sabiduría de una de las mentes más extraordinarias del mundo canino! ¡El Dr. Sparkus T. Mutt, renombrado terapeuta canino, lo cuenta como lo ve! Para todos los amantes de los caninos y felinos, si les gustó It’s a Dog’s Life e In Dog We Trust, ¡entonces deben leer Dog Gone! – Volumen 3 de la trilogía de consejos caninos del Dr. Mutt. “…Esta podría ser la obra literaria más notable desde la época de James Thurber…” Eric Jackson, TPN, www.thepanamanews.com. (Inglés solamente)


Softcover ISBN 978-9962-629-92-4

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