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WW goes to the beach

WW goes to the beach Image

GG va a la playa
WW goes to the beach
Pat Alvarado

Guillermo Gusano, el renombrado ingeniero de túneles, y su hermano Roberto y sus primos Juan y Héctor se dan cuenta que la playa no es el lugar maravilloso cuando un alienígena casi secuestre a Guillermo. Acompaña a Guillermo, su hermano Roberto y los demás gusanos en el 9no episodio de sus aventuras para sostener el bosque.

William Worm, the renowned tunnel engineer, and his brother Robert and his cousins John and Hector find out that the beach is not all it's cracked up to be when an alien almost takes William hostage. Join William, his brother Robert and the rest of the worms in the 9th episode of their adventures to sustain the forest.

32 p.
ISBN 9962-629-26-X

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