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Enrique Jaramillo Barnes
Architect, graphic disigner, and digital artist, born in Panama, April 3, 1983. He completed his studies with high academic achievement to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Architecture and a Post-graduate Degree in Bioclimatic Architecture.
     He has worked as a designing architect and project coordinator for more than six years. In the graphics area he has designed more than 50 books and cultural magazine covers, such as Maga. As an artist, he has participated in over 30 individual and collective art exhibitions, and for urban intervention. He has also created more than 400 illustrations for Panamanian books and magazines.
     In 2010, he was awarded first place in the Viva el arte contest for painting and interior design organized by the Hotel Ibiza Playa Corona. He has also received honorable mention in such important contests as Creativos para madera tropical, El Prisma de la Vida for Frank Gehry's museum in Panamá, Make Your Self Portrait Art contest, Acá se habla español, among others.
     At present he is a member of the board of directors for Sembrarte, a non-governmental proposal that unconditionally supports Panamanian artists and performs socio-cultural and artistic activities to benefit the city.

Titles Illustrated
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A Flower Between The Cracks
Una flor entre las grietas

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