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Evelyn Lozano Pinzón, was born in Panama City, Republic of Panama, in 1976. She earned a degree in Civil Engineering from the Technological University of Panama, a specialization in Project Management and a master's degree with an emphasis on the Environment. In 2017, she won the National Prize for Children's Literature Hersilia Ramos de Argote, awarded by the Technological University of Panama, with the storybook: El cantor de las aves y otras voces del cielo, la tierra y el mar. Her novel Las Escamas del Dragon and her work is included in the anthology Basta Panama, and the anthology Mi ciudad y sus tres edades, a book prepared by the Panamanian Academy of Children and Youth Literature (APLIJ, its acronym in Spanish).


Crónicas del árbol
que aprendió a bailar
Chronicles of the Tree
that Learned to Dance

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